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The German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful companion dog that is loyal and very intelligent. They are independent and active dogs that are particularly responsive to training, from puppies to adult dogs. As a large, strong and clever breed, it is necessary to provide the German Shepherd Dog with at least some basic training to ensure that they become well-balanced dogs that are a joy in the family home as well as exemplary ambassadors for the breed in the wider community. It is the aim of this club to help owners train their dogs to become better canine citizens.

The Geelong Club is located at Elcho Park, Elcho Road, Lara. Directions

Puppies and dogs of all ages are welcome.

The Club has qualified instructors who provide training, education and advice to members.

Training takes place every Sunday from 10.00 to 11.00 am, unless otherwise notified, with the opportunity to socialise or ask further questions afterwards. Please arrive earlier to give your dog time to have a walk around and settle down.

For membership enquiries contact Membership Officer, Maureen Williams, on 5229 2692

For general enquiries contact Branch Manager, Veronica Filmer, on 0417 541 553 after 6.00 pm

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  • Puppies from the age of 8 weeks are accepted but must be vaccinated and their vaccination records brought to their first class.
  • Puppies purchased from participating breeders who are financial members of the GSDCV and the Victorian Canine Association (VCA) can take advantage of a training program where they receive up to four free training lessons to be completed within 90 days from the purchase date. Owners do not have to be members of the GSDCV or VCA.
  • Puppies are taught basic commands such as heel, sit and drop.
  • They will have the opportunity to enjoy various fun activities such as tunnel running and retrieving toys.
  • They will have supervised interaction with older dogs.
  • Most importantly, they are experiencing early socialisation with other dogs which is so important for their later development.
  •  Puppies at play


Older dogs

  • Dogs from the age of 6 months begin training in Class 1 where basic commands are taught and controlled interaction with other dogs is encouraged. A dog of any age is accepted in this Class.
  • When owner and dog have mastered the basic obedience commands that also include timed stays and recalls, they can progress to the next class where greater challenges are presented. Dogs are trained to Class 4 standard.
  • Dogs also have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as tunnel running and, for those over 1 year old, various jumps.
  • Some of our dogs



Like owners, dogs have personalities of their own. They may be placid and quiet or energetic and noisy. They will be the source of great joy and great frustration. You may be able to hold your head up high as your dog walks calmly by your side or you may be apologising to passersby for your leaping, frenzied dog.

  • The Club provides an opportunity to bond with your dog, to learn the techniques necessary for everyday obedience and to develop skills that allow you to challenge you and your dog by participating in further activities such as Obedience Trials, Endurance Trials, Agility, Tracking, Herding and Show.
  • The Club organises activities such as day trips to Melbourne's Kepala Pet Resort, participation in community events such as the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk and fund-raising events such as Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, all of which help to promote the GSD to the general community.
  • Our dedicated trainers, as well as members who have lived with GSDs for several years, will be able to offer advice, support and, when necessary, encouragement.
  • Following the training session you can enjoy the offerings of the canteen (the proceeds of which help raise funds for the Club) and a chat with fellow members.
  • There are products such as leads, collars, GSDCV apparel (caps, polo shirts, vests, jackets), toys, Royal Canin dog food and other treats from the equipment store at very reasonable prices.
  • The Club has a loan library and DVD collection that offer additional information and advice on raising and training your GSD.
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