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Fun Day

Every year the eleven GSDCV branches come together to enjoy a day of friendly competition and games. Hosted by a different branch each year, these Fun Days present opportunities for members to see how their dogs fare in a larger, more general setting among dogs who are not their usual training buddies. 

The day generally begins with obedience trials for puppies and dogs, many of whom have never trialled before. This is the perfect chance for novice handlers to see how their dogs will go in a trial situation and for experienced competitors to work their dog in a different setting. Whether you come away with a placing or not, you will find that, in spite of your worst fears, your dog is no worse than any other in their class.

The trials are followed by activities such as agility courses, tunnel runs and fastest recall where members and their dogs share in the excitement of the games.

Then, of course, there is the social aspect and, for some, a chance to meet their dog's siblings. The general cameraderie and sharing of experiences make this an invaluable day for all members.Geelong Branch, Elcho Park, Lara 2010Eastern Branch, JW Manson Park, Wantirna 2011