News from 2011


The end of the training year ended on a high note with Presentation Night on Saturday evening (3 December) and Games Day on Sunday morning (4 December). Members enjoyed good food and company on Saturday evening that saw many worthy recipients receiving trophies for their efforts throughout the year. On Sunday, owners and their dogs raced around chairs, down runs, through tunnels and over jumps. Congratulations to those who won prizes in the events. Many thanks to the committee members who put in a great deal of time and effort in organising the events, decorating the clubrooms and arranging the equipment on the club grounds.
To read more about the two days and view the list of winners, please go to Events.


Don’t forget that membership renewals for 2012 are due by 31 December 2011. If you have lost the form that came with the last GSDCV newsletter, or you wish to become a new member of the GSDCV Geelong Branch, you can download the form here. As a member, you are eligible to join the Geelong Branch’s committee. Nominations for the various positions are now open and, if you are interested, you many nominate for any one of the following positions:
• Branch Manager
• Assistant Branch Manager
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Membership Officer
• Chief Instructor
• Grounds Manager
• Assistant Grounds Manager
• Breed Affairs
• Social Secretary
• Publicity Officer
• Webmaster
• Equipment Officer
• Canteen Officer
• Assistant Canteen Officer
• General Member
At the moment, many of our committee members are taking on two roles, so if you are able to volunteer some of your time to assist with committee work, please indicate the position you would like on the downloadable Nomination form and send to the Secretary or contact our Branch Manager, Dennis Gladman on 0400 251 563 or Secretary, Maureen Williams on 5229 2692 for further information.
To ensure the beginning of a fresh new year, we are holding a working bee to clean up around the clubhouse and verandah as well as arrange tables for Presentation night. This will take place on Saturday 26 November and we ask that as many members as possible arrive at the Elcho Park clubhouse at 9.00 am. Even if you can only give an hour of your time, every minute helps.
Although the formal training year will end on Sunday 4 December, our very dedicated Chief Instructor, Jo Mee, is willing to hold classes for two or more dogs during the holidays. These will take place at the normal time in the normal place – except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Bookings are essential: telephone Jo on 5283 1388 by Saturday. Please remember that Jo is giving up her Sunday mornings to provide these classes so if, having booked, you will not be attending (unexpected situation, weather too horrible, sleep-in preferable, etc) please be considerate and let her know as soon as possible.
Informal training days are held during the year on Fridays at 10.00-11.00 am. These will be continue over the holiday break and all members are welcome to attend (cost $2.00). No bookings are required as there is usually a number of regular members present.
As you will have noticed in the latest GSDCV Newsletter, the weekly training fee for all Branches will rise to $3.00 next year. Although this decision was made by the GSDCV committee, the funds will still go towards the cost of running and maintaining the Geelong Branch.
We are fast approaching the end of our training year, with presentation night (Saturday 3 December) and final training/games day (Sunday 4 December) just a fortnight away. Presentation night, beginning at 6.30 pm, is promising to be an enjoyable, relaxed evening at the clubhouse and all members are encouraged to join us.
• Those who would like to attend but have not put their name down, please notify our Social Secretary, Sue, as soon as possible
• Those willing and able to bring a plate are also asked to let Sue know, so that we can make sure there is a variety of food on the tables
• We will be holding a raffle on presentation night and would appreciate donations for the prizes. If you have something, please hand it to Maureen at our next training day. In addition to raising funds for the club, the raffle will also give members opportunities to begin the festive season on a lucky note
As mentioned, the final training day will be filled with fun games for people and dogs, a visit by Santa especially for our younger members (who have already been registered with Santa) who will also be able to enjoy a party laid our for them – although I suspect that there will be a few young-at-heart if not in years who will be joining in.
A hearty congratulations to Jarrod Russell and his wife who are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Jarvis. No doubt Jarvis and the family’s young GSD, Diesel, will grow up together as great playmates.
We welcome two new members: Grace Da’Silva with Archer and Joe Majic and his family with Titan. We trust you and your GSDs will enjoy all that the Club can offer.


Well done to Jenya Onofrechook and Rusya who achieved pass up from Puppy to Class 1.
On Sunday, 16 October, Eastern Branch hosted the 2011 GSDCV Fun Day at their training grounds at JW Manson Park, Wantirna (pictures and story to follow soon). A big thanks to the members who made the two-hour journey to represent our Branch and participate in the obedience trials and canine activities. Well done to our Manager and Instructor, Dennis Gladman, for his contribution as one of the judges in the Class 2 section of the obedience trials. Congratulations also to those who achieved success in the trials:
• Puppy: Gerard Kerr and Cohen – 3rd prize
• Class 2B: Veronica Filmer and Sadie – 2nd prize
• Novice: Dennis Gladman and Shadow – 2nd prize
We also had some strong placings:
• CCD: Ashley Kendall and Asa – 4th place
• Class 3B: Sue Hounslow and Shilo – 4th place
While in the games there were also a few results:
• Agility Class 2 and Spoon and ball Class 2: Veronica Filmer and Sadie – 1st place (as the only Class 2 entrant in the ball and spoon game this placing, says Veronica, was not hard-fought – it pays to participate in the games!)
• Agility Class 3 and Spoon and ball Class 3: Sue Hounslow and Shilo – 1st place
If we have overlooked any member who achieved a place at the Fun Day in the trials or games, or would like to share your experience – particularly those for whom this was the first time their dog competed – please feel free to contact me.
Some of our German Shepherd Dogs find homes with loving owners and spend the rest of their lives as valued members of the family. Unfortunately there are others whose start in life is not quite as smooth. Read Kupa’s story as he deals with physical issues, an unhappy owner and a new home with a family who cannot imagine a world without him.
It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Desma Dickeson’s companion, Dakota. Age had caught up with Dakota and he gradually slowed down until his legs could no longer keep him moving. However, his final days were spent peacefully with his adored human mum and his GSD playmate, Tego. Desma pays tribute to her beloved Dakota on the Members’ page.
Congratulations to Barb’s Chase (CH Kylain Chase A Hurricane AZ ET) who finished a very respectable fourth in this year’s Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show. The Dog Show is an important part of the Royal Melbourne Show and is held over eight days with around 4,000 dogs representing 190 different breeds. It is certainly no mean feat to be placed so highly, so well done to the all-rounder, Chase.
GSDCV Fun Day is being held at Eastern Branch on Sunday October 16. You can still register your dog at next Sunday (9 October) training day for $2.00 or roll up on the day where registration will be $3.00. Although it is quite a distance away, it would be good to see as many Geelong Branch members there to represent us. We will not be training at our grounds on that day.


The 2011 GSDCV Fun Day is just around the corner. This year it will be held at Eastern Branch at their grounds on JW Manson Reserve, located at the end of Selkirk Avenue, Wantirna South . This will be an opportunity to participate in obedience trials in a relaxed atmosphere as well as enjoy fun activities such as tunnelling and fastest recall. You do not need to be a member of the VCA to participate in the trials but, as a member of the GSDCV you only need to pay a registration fee of $2.00.
Although this is a long drive, you and your dog will enjoy the experience of being on a ground where there are a large number of German Shepherds of all ages and sizes and their owners – also of all ages and sizes – who have one thing in common: their love of the breed.
The event will start at 8.00 and end at 2.00. For further information, contact our Branch Manager, Dennis Gladman.

2011 Christmas events

We are approaching the end of 2011 at a rapid pace and it is time to start thinking about Christmas activities. The Geelong Branch will be holding two events during the first weekend of December.
Members are invited to Presentation Night on Saturday, 3 December, to be held at the clubhouse. This is to be a relaxed affair for all, with a barbecue, salads and desserts.
This is a free event with the meat being provided by the Branch. It would be great, however, if attending members could contribute a plate of food for the night. Our instructor, Jo, dessert chef extraordinaires, has volunteered to provide a number of desserts but we would not turn any other sweet offerings away. We are also looking for various salads or any other food offerings so, if you think you will be able to attend, please write your name on the list at the clubhouse the next time you attend training, and note what you think you would like to bring (just so we can make sure it’s not just a meats and sweets feast).
Sunday, 4 December, nominally our training day, will be filled with fun activities for the entire family, dogs and humans alike. Christmas 2010 had Simon Says, musical chairs, fastest sit, tunnel and jumps amongst other games and there were lots of smiles all round, particularly from those who managed to win prizes. No doubt 2011 will be just as enjoyable so it is worth making an effort to attend.
With a number of our members having young children or grandchildren, there will be presents for the children. Parents or grandparents should register the child/children’s names and relevant details on a form available at the clubhouse. A contribution of $10 per child is also required. The Branch will contribute another $10 and ensure that a suitable present is found.
All members are encouraged to participate in this final ‘training’ day of the year as it is a wonderfully social day and will allow our dogs to participate in events that are quite new to them and will no doubt be entertain them no end!


Those attending training on the first Sunday of the month will have noticed the erection of a fence that has effectively reduced access to our grounds by half. This fence and a second access gate have been installed to ensure minimal impact from the works that are to proceed as part of the Melbourne to Geelong water pipeline. According to Water Victoria (, the pipeline will be 59 km in length and will boost our water supply by up to 50% with the delivery – from the Wonthaggi desalination plant – of some 16 billion litres of water each year to Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast.
It is expected that trees and grass removed during the works will be replaced but, meanwhile, members and their dogs will not find themselves trampling in mud, tripping over rocks or in danger of falling down trenches. Not something we want to be reading about in the news section!
Congratulations to the following who achieved pass ups on 24 July:
Puppy to Class 1:
• Lisa & Kristian with Tyle
• Jennie Armato with Shadow
• Steve & Cathy Javni with Max
• Ralph Mole with Ava
• Jarrod Russell with Diesel
• Mark Stevenson with Chilli
Class 1 to Class 2
• Veronica Filmer with Sadie
• Gretchen Wion with Zoe

Congratulations to Barbara Pownell and Chase (CH Kylain Chase A Hurricane AZ ET) who obtained their CCD (Community Companion Dog) title at the two-day trials at Geelong Obedience Dog Club on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July.
Titles are obtained by passing three CCD trials. Barb and Chase passed their first CCD trial in October 2010 at the Werribee Obedience Dog Club in 2010.
On Saturday, Barb and Chase participated in two trials. Requiring 85 points for a pass, Chase achieved 83 points in one but a very respectable 91 points in the other, giving him Equal Third position.
On Sunday the pair walked out into the ring for a third time. On this occasion, relaxed and filled with confidence, Chase and Barb achieved Equal First placing with a score of 9 3.
Excellent work Barb and Chase!


Sue Hounslow and Shilo (Simonelli Bella Donna) who successfully completed the 2011 GSDCV Open Endurance Test held at Cherry Lake Reserve, Altona, on Saturday 15 July.
After training for 6 months, with Shiloh gradually being introduced to the bike and then taught to run beside it, the pair were fit and ready for the task.
In a field of 25 dogs and their handlers, Shilo ran beside Sue on her bike around the 20 km course. With rest breaks and vet checks after the first 8 km and then after the next 6 km the pair finished the final 6 km with admirable ease.
A magnificent effort indeed!