2012 Acknowledgments

2012 Acknowledgements

2012 has been a very active year for the Geelong Branch, with many members contributing to our success and continued growth.
Firstly, thanks go to our instructors, Jo Mee, Dennis Gladman and Mary Giertolla who continue to show their dedication and love for our dogs as they come in week after week to teach us how to handle and care for our dogs and give their advice freely and with unfailing enthusiasm. We also appreciate the efforts of former aspirer, Ashley Kendall, and current aspirer, Sherry Hanley, who have also provided lessons and advice to members.
Many thanks also to all members of the committee who have donated their time to ensure that the Branch runs smoothly and continues to grow from strength to strength: Dennis Gladman (Branch Manager); Maureen Williams (Secretary and Membership Officer); Colin Gissing (Treasurer); Jo Mee (Chief Instructor); Donna Collis (Breed Liaison Affairs Officer); Ashley Kendall (Grounds Manager); Cheryl Stephens (Equipment Officer); Veronica Filmer (Publicity Officer and Webmaster); Robyn Trower (Social Secretary); David and Lorelle Organ (Canteen Officers); and Mary Giertolla, Deborah Koch, Karen Gissing, Barbara Pownall and Rod Trower (General Members)
We also appreciate the contributions of a number of members who have assisted in various ways including: Mark Stephenson who, with Chilli by his side, stays back to quietly and efficiently pack up the equipment at the end of training sessions—this is a great help to the groundsman and the instructors who have previously found themselves doing this; Sherry Hanley, David and Lorelle Organ and Colin and Karin Gissing who have generously donated fruit (or the proceeds thereof), furniture and equipment to the Branch—all of which have increased our comfort and efficiency on and off the grounds.
Well done also to Ashley Kendall with Asa and Maureen Williams with Mac who have regularly visited nursing homes during the year to give residents an opportunity to meet and greet the dogs. Not only do their demonstrations provide a source of entertainment but, for those residents who have had their own dogs in the past, being able to pat and hug the dogs gives them a lift for the day. These visits show that, although big and with fearsome reputations, GSDs can be gentle and kind.
We would also like to thank Alan and Faye Thierry of Just Onions and Nick White of Tasman Meats who have been generous sponsors to the Branch with donations of onions and price reductions on meat for our sausage sizzles and our day out at Kepala Pet Resort.