News from 2012


We warmly welcome new members, Len and Hazel Newcombe with Mack and Joanne Reilly with Tyson to our Branch and trust that the knowledge and advice of our instructors will very useful as you share the various stages of naughty and nice that is part of the nature of our beloved GSDs.

We congratulate the following whose hard work has led to them being passed up:

  • Puppy to Class 1: Kylie Abbott with Elly, Barbara Allen with Zac and Emma Whorlow with Astro
  • Class 1 to Class 2: Shea Hampson with Sadie and Robyn West with Maya
  • Class 3 to Class 4: Sherry Hanley with Gammon

Presentation night was held on Saturday 8 December and we thank those members whose efforts in cleaning, tidying and decorating of the clubrooms led to an enjoyable, festive evening. Thank you also to those who brought a variety of plates of delicious food that ensured all were well-fed and in good spirits when the formal presentations began. We congratulate the following members whose efforts over the year received well-deserved awards:

  • The Janet Henley & Dogs Memorial Award – Ashley Kendall
  • Community Service – Maureen Williams and Ashley Kendall
  • Services to the Branch – Mark Stevenson
  • Most improved – Lee Bratulic and Raaf
  • Most consistent – Maureen Williams and Mac

Well done to all of you and all in Class 1 who, due to their hard work over the year, received encouragement awards.

The Christmas raffle , drawn on the same night, was a great success with over $400 being raised. Our thanks go to Robyn Trower for organising it and to those who donated items for the very impressive suite of prizes.

The final day of training for 2012 was a great deal of fun for all concerned, particularly the dogs. Basic obedience skills – both human and canine – were tested in the ‘Simon Says’ game while those with confused but –happy-to-go-with-the-flow dogs were alternately running around and sitting in a row of chairs in the ‘Musical chairs’ game. A ball and spoon team game tested both balancing skills while running and holding onto dogs that, in some cases, were racing ahead of their handlers in their excitement. The classical but ever-enjoyable ‘Fastest tunnel’ and ‘Fastest recall’ also attracted a great deal of participants, with the following winners emerging:

  • Fastest tunnel 6 months and under –  Sam Attwood and Reapah
  • Fastest recall 6 months and under – Kylie Abbott and Elly
  • Fastest tunnels over 6 months – Mark Stevenson and Chilli
  • Fastest recall over 6 months – Linda Tomasovic and Bolt

Many thanks are due to Jo Mee, Dennis Gladman, Ashley Kendall and Mary Giertello who organised the games and set up the grounds with the assistance of some of our members. The morning was a great success and finished off yet another good year for the Geelong Branch.

Please note that informal training and socialisation sessions will be held during January every Friday and Sunday from 10.00 – 11.00 am. Jo has very kindly offered to come to the grounds during the holiday period to make the grounds and her expertise available to members. You may like the informal atmosphere and the chance for some casual group exercises as well as interacting with different handlers so do consider taking advantage of this opportunity.


A warm welcome to new members Denise Frame with Lindy and Mandy Kennedy with Kelly. We are pleased that you have joined our friendly community.

Congratulations to the following who received well-deserved pass ups:

  • Puppy to Class 1: Rachael Amato with Bridget, Sherry Hanley with Sultan and Uran Leung with Tea
  • Class 1 to   Class 2: Shea Hampson with Sadie and Robyn West with Maya

New equipment acquired through the month, thanks to funds raised and generous donations, has made significant contributions to making life easier for our members:

  • a ride-on-mower was purchased (second-hand) to mow the grounds, when necessary, in between Council mows
  • a small trailer – kindly donated by David and Lorelle Organ – that can be pulled by the mower and greatly invaluable for ferrying our tunnels between the off-lead arena and the equipment store
  • two new tunnels were purchased, giving us four tunnels to entertain our dogs
  • two new printers – kindly donated by Karin and Colin Gissing – to replace the very old one

Our day out at Kepala Pet Resort went well – thanks to the efforts of our Robyn and Rod Trower – with 14 members and 13 dogs making their way to the resort. There was plenty of running, sniffing, pooping and all round great fun while proud mums and dads looked on with equal joy.. The sandy run, the grassy green, the obstacle course and the blue lagoon were all explored by the dogs. We all enjoyed the barbecue lunch and a bit of a chat while our dogs rested and all too soon it was time to leave.


We warmly welcome new members Barbara Allen with Zack, Sharna and Rohit Sharma with Tyson, and Yvonne Wilson with Gemma. We hope you will enjoy your sessions and that your dogs will enjoy the new friends that they will make.

Our second Bunnings sausage sizzle was held last Saturday and was extremely successful. A sincere thank you to Robyn Trower, who spent the day at the canteen ensuring that everything ran smoothly. We also thank Alan and Faye Thwaite of Just Onions (wholesale supplier of onions located at Breakwater) – who again donated the onions for the sizzle – and Nick White of Tasman Meats (High Street, Belmont) – who provided the sausages at a specially reduced price for the Branch. We are also grateful for the assistance throughout the day of the following members: Dennis, Lorelle and David, Jo and Gra, Gerhard and Heidi, Margaret, Maureen, Felicity, Cheryl, Veronica and Rod as well as Carmen who dropped by to lend her support.. Thanks to everybody’s contributions, we raised $1,210.00. Well done to all!.

Some of our regulars may have noticed that the large futon in the common room has been replaced by a very comfy sofa. This has been donated by Sherry and Simon Henley and is certainly much more suitable for lounging in and watching dog-related DVDs than the dog-friendly futon was. Thank you so much Sherry and Simon.

The annual GSDCV Fun Day was held on 14 October and we must congratulate Skye Branch for hosting a very successful day. A gorgeous day, helpful judges and stewards (including our own Jo Mee and Dennis Gladman), and several of fun activities all contributed to a pleasant day for dogs and handlers alike. A number of our members made the long journey to Skye to participate in the event. We had mixed fortunes in the trials, and mention should first go to those who managed to achieve placings:

  • Show: Long stock coat puppy bitch: Lorelle Organ with Shakira, 1st place
  • Obedience: Class 2a: Lia Bell with Willow, 3rd place
  • Veteran (over 10 years old): Dennis Gladman with Shadow, 2nd place

Well done to you all! These are very good achievements and you should be very pleased and proud of yourselves and your dogs.

Similarly, those who did not gain placings should still be congratulated on having had a go:

  • Puppy B: Zoë Wake with Asher and Sherry Hanley with Sultan
  • Class 1A: Lorelle Organ with Shakira
  • Class 1B: Shea Hampson with Sadie
  • Class 3A: Veronica Filmer with Sadie

Whether we left the trials with smiles or sighs, at least there were a number of fun activities for us to enjoy with our dogs: Rally O, Fastest return, Fastest tunnel run and Agility. And for those who wandered a little further afield there was a dam to cool our dogs.


We would like to welcome new members, Kylie Abbott with Elly, Sam Attwood and Jessica Ruf with Reapah, Brendan Christy and Kelly Dimech with Jukka, Uran Leung with Tea and Emma Whorlow and Travis Adderley with Astro. We hope you learn a lot and have fun doing so.

Congratulations to those who have received their pass ups:

  • Puppy to Class1: Felicity Robertson with Blade and Carmen Sahajdak with Roarke
  • Class 1 to Class 2: David Organ with Jess

Our Father’s Day raffle was drawn after training and we are delighted to announce that the raffle raised a profit of $56.50. Congratulations to those who were lucky enough to come away with prizes: Dennis ($30 Bunnings raffle); Maureen (car cleaning kit); Monika (remote control caddy); Rod (bottle of wine) and Mary (box of Belgian chocolates). Well done to all of you! Also a huge thank you to Robyn Trower for organising the raffle and the prizes. Finally, thank you to those who bought tickets. While you may not have walked away with anything, your contribution has given the Branch some much needed income that will ultimately benefit all our members.

Speaking of fund-raising, a huge thank you to Simon and Sherry Henley who have been bringing in boxes of fruit for us to buy at very reasonable and donating the money back to the Branch. As well as enjoying fresh fruit, it’s great knowing that, through Simon and Sherry’s generosity, we are helping the Branch at the same time.


Congratulations to Lorelle Organ and Shakira who have been passed up from Puppy to Class 1. They have already had a taste of the non-puppy classes and we hope that they will continue to progress without too much angst.

We welcome Sherry Hanley’s decision to become an aspirer – we know she will make a great instructor and join ‘the happy few’ who work hard every Sunday.

Four Branch members – Jo, Barb, Sherry and Veronica – headed toward the Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre last Friday to listen to Western Australian dog trainer, Jill Houston, who was holding workshops on the methods that she uses to train her dogs who have had a great deal of success in obedience, agility and Dances with Dogs competitions. Jill had a number of good training tips to encourage solid stands and raising our dogs’ spatial awareness of their back legs (can your dog move backwards on command?) A great workshop and we look forward to the next one.


We are delighted to welcome new members Rob Barbour with Kes, Nick and Rachael Amato with Bridget and Jessica Sharp with Tommy. We hope you will both enjoy our classes and gain confidence in your dog and your own abilities as a handler.

Congratulations to Lorelle Organ and Shakira who have been passed up from Puppy to Class 1. Enjoy the new challenges and keep it fun as much as possible.

Commiseration to Veronica Filmer and Sadie who failed to obtain a pass at the Geelong Obedience Dog Club Rally-O trials held on 14 and 15 July. Two different courses were attempted: at the first course we did not gain the required 70+ points and at the second the refusal to complete a move led to disqualification. Better luck next time!

There was great secrecy all round but, on 1 July, the off-lead arena was formally opened and named after our chief instructor, Jo Mee. On a very wintry day and with umbrellas out, Marilyn Wrigley (GSDCV Obedience Training Administrator and Head Instructor, Ballarat Branch) opened the Jo Mee Puppy Arena, with a very surprised and humbled Jo standing beside her. Both Marilyn and Branch Manager, Dennis Gladman, noted Jo’s many years (24) of service to the Branch as Grounds Manager, instructor and finally chief instructor. But it has been Jo’s dedicated and passionate work with puppies that she is now particularly known for and for which she has been so justly acknowledged. In addition to current Grounds Manager, Ashley Kendall, we would also like to Dennis, Maureen and Veronica for their efforts to ensure the success of the day. We would also like to thank Marilyn Wrigley and the members of the Ballarat Branch who very kindly had an early 8.00 am training session to allow Marilyn drove to our clubgrounds in time to perform the opening. And, of course, many thanks to our members who were all in on the secret and to those who were able to join us in celebrating the event. It was great to see so many people helping to make the day a special one for the Branch and for Jo.

It was a great calamity, however, when Ashley suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized just three days before the event. Although frightening, the attack was deemed a mild one and, indeed, the following day, Ashley was emailing us from his hospital bed to ensure that arrangements for the opening were still progressing satisfactorily. He continued emailing into Sunday morning and then, to our great delight, arrived at the clubhouse in time to celebrate with us. After all his efforts, it would have been a terrible shame to miss the opening. We do, however, wish him a speedy recovery back to good health.

Also joining us at the opening was animal protrait photographer, Wendy Mitchell. Wendy generously took photos of the opening, a group photo of the members and several dog portraits for those of us who wanted professional portraits of our beloved pets. All in all, it was a great day.


A warm welcome to new member Felicity Robertson with Blade. We hope you will enjoy the company of dogs and people and benefit from the instructors’ knowledge.

We also welcome a new puppy, Asher, who has joined Lia Bell’s family. Having experienced puppy training with Willow, I’m sure Lia can use past lessons to her advantage in Asher’s upbringing.

We say hello to handlers and their puppies who have been joining us for some training sessions: Lisa Alexander with her puppy and Nermin Hadzi with Zam. We hope you are finding the sessions very helpful during these early weeks with your young companions.

Congratulations to David Organ and Jess who have passed up from Puppy to Class 1. Remember to smile in spite of the frustrations now that you’ve joined the ‘tweeners and teenagers

We are delighted that, after two years of negotiations and twenty years after it was first raised as a possibility, the Geelong Branch now has a puppy and off-lead arena. With solid posts, dog resistant wire and sturdy gates replacing the star pickets and orange plastic barrier mesh, we now have a safe environment for the puppies, and an area where even the most determined canine escape artist cannot break through. Many thanks to Grounds Manager, Ashley Kendall, for re-opening the negotiations with the City of Great Geelong, for organising the permits and construction of the off-lead arena and for howing great patience and persistence in so doing. Thank you also to the City for allowing the Branch to have the arena on its grounds. Current and future members and their dogs will benefit greatly from it as will locals who have already made use of the arena throughout the week.

We would like to acknowledge Maureen Williams and Ashley Kendall’s successful visits to local aged care facilities with their dogs, Mac and Asa respectively. Over the past month they have given demonstrations and meet and greet opportunities to the Drysdale Grove Aged Care Home, the Bannockburn Aged Care Home and, most recently, The Homestead, Wallington. Drysdale and Bannockburn are great fans of Maureen’s Mac and Ashley’s Asa, who have been there a few times now, while The Homestead has only just learned of the enjoyment these two GSDs can bring to their residents.

Ashley has been busy this month as, with Asa by his side, he competed in the annual GSDCV endurance test at Cherry Lake Reserve at Altona. Ashley and Asa completed the twenty kilometre course over tarmac, gravel and grass but, unfortunately, Ashley had to come off his bike to walk with Asa to the finish line. Poor Asa’s paws were a little the worse for wear, so they had to withdraw 500 metres from the end. However, it was a great effort on very soggy ground so both should feel proud of themselves.


The Branch will be closed on Sunday 20 May as our instructors and a number of our members will be participating in obedience demonstrations at this year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk. We hope as many of our other members will join the walk to assist the RSPCA in the important work that they do for all the animals.

We welcome Robyn West and Paul Carroll with Maya as new members to our Branch and trust you will enjoy training with our friendly group of people.

Our Branch has been ably represented at obedience trials at Croyden on the first Sunday of the month and at KCC Park, Skye, on the following Saturday by Ashley Kendall with Asa. Although they missed out on places, they are to be congratulated for their efforts that, no doubt, will soon see them place.

The Bunnings Sausage sizzle was a great success, raising $725 for the Branch in spite of most of Geelong at home or at Kardinia Park cheering on the Cats in their game against the Melbourne Demons. Many thanks to Social Secretary, Robyn Trower, who organised the event, and all our members who gave up some or all of their Saturday to assist at the stand. We also acknowledge with great appreciate the sponsorship of Alan and Faye Thwaite of Just Onions, who generously donated the onions that made a delicious accompaniment to the sausages.


On the final Sunday of the month, we would like to congratulate Linda Tomasovic and Bolt on being passed up from Class 1 to Class 2. Well done!

The Easter raffle was drawn on Easter Sunday and raised an impressive $114 for the Branch. Many thanks to the excellent response from members who donated chocolate goodies to the raffle that made many winners happy, including Faye Thierry who won the first prize basket of chocolate and a very cute soft toy duck. A particular thank you to our Social Secretary, Robyn Trower for applying her organisational and presentation skills to her first project and the first of the year’s fundraising events.

Easter Sunday proved rewarding not only to those who won prizes, but also those who made the effort to get out of bed and make their way to Elcho Park. Through the initiative and efforts of Ashley Kendall and Jo Mee, members were surprised by the the sight of a line of chairs, rows of agility equipment, tunnels and a Rally-O course arranged on the grounds. These provided a great source of entertainment for handlers and dogs and, for a select few who won the games, yet more prizes. This was a fun, relaxing day and we certainly appreciate the thought that went into setting it all up. Some pictures of the morning can be found under Events.

We welcome David Wahga and Dax as new members to our Branch and trust they will enjoy and benefit from the company of fellow GSDs and their devoted owners.

Our Branch will continue to hold training sessions during the school holidays on Fridays (informal) and Sundays, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Anne Franklin who was known to many of our current and past members in her role as Trial Secretary or Trial Manager for the GSDCV. Anne will certainly be missed by those who have, over the years, received her invaluable advice, generously given, when entering trials.


We welcome two new members: Hannah Harmat with Ripley and David & Lorelle Organ with Jess.

Congratulations also to Monika Taleb and Rocky who have passed up from Puppy to Class 1. Well done!

We welcome back Branch Manager and instructor Dennis Gladman, who spent some well-deserved time holidaying in Bali. Many thanks to aspirer, Ashley Kendall, who stepped in to conduct training for our Class I pupils one week and Classes 2-4 another week. I’m sure I speak for all when I say we benefitted from your exercises and advice.

The Geelong Branch’s AGM was held on 19 February during which committee members were elected from nominations. We welcome new position holders, Cheryl Stephens and Robyn Trower, and new general committee members Deborah Gissing, Karin Gissing and Rod Trower. Many thanks to those who have returned for another year of service to the committee. The Geelong Branch committee for 2012 is as follows:

General Manager Dennis Gladman
Secretary Maureen Williams
Treasurer Colin Gissing
Chief Instructor Jo Mee
Breed Liaison Affairs Officer Donna Collis
Grounds Manager Ashley Kendall
Membership Officer Maureen Williams
Equipment Officer Cheryl Stephens
Publicity Officer Veronica Filmer
Social Secretary Robyn Trower
Web Master Veronica Filmer
General Committee Mary Giertolla
Deborah Gissing
Karin Gissing
Barbara Pownell
Rod Trower


Two positions remain vacant – Assistant Branch Manager and Canteen Officer – but we hope that these may be filled in the course of the year.

Although hot and windy, there was an excellent turn out on the first day of training on 5 February. The year has started well with three new members: Toni Scott with Koby, Fleur Spindler with Kaiser, and Monika Taleb with Rocky. We hope you will enjoy the services we offer and the company of fellow GSD lovers.

Congratulations to those who were passed up into the next class. Keep up the good work!

Puppy to Class 1

  • Grace Da’Silva and Archer
  • Margaret Lennon and Tyson
  • Joe Majic and Titan
  • Jenya Onofrechook and Rusya
  • Rod Trower and Max

Class 2 to Class 3

  • Veronica Filmer and Sadie
  • Cheryl Stephens and BJ
  • Gretchen Wion and Zoë

Class 3 to Class 4

  • Heidi Foll and Rex
  • Ashley Kendall and Asa