News from 2013


We had a very good attendance at the end of the year presentation night on 14 December with Christmas trees and decorations creating a festive atmosphere. Huge thanks to those who volunteered their time to undertake the preparations to achieve this.

The Christmas raffle provided lucky winners with early Christmas presents while raising $162.00 for the Branch. Many thanks to Jo Mee and Maureen Williams for organising the gifts as well as those who donated items and, of course, to all those who bought tickets.

The following awards were presented by our special guest, Marilyn Wrigley (GSDCV Obedience Training Administrator), who, it should be noted, performed the task—thrust upon her at the last moment—very smoothly and with grace (thank you Marilyn!):

  • The Janet Henley & Dogs Memorial Award – Sherry Hanley
  •  Most Improved – Rod Phillips with Sasha
  •  Most Consistent – Mark Stevenson with Chilli
  •  Highest Score in Trial – Ashley Kendall with Asa
  •  Young Handler Encouragement in Obedience Award – Tiani Tomasovic and Bolt
  •  Encouragement in Obedience Awards – Abby Cabel with Hunter;Ron Elliott with Phoebe;Shea Elliott and Stefan Ducardus with Leni;Jacqui Hasler with Cato;Lauren McGrath with Xena;Shivani and Avik Roy with Leo;Corey Smith with Tala;and Will Urquhart and Brigitte Lyons with Narla

The following achievements were also recognised:

  • CCD (Community Companion Dog) – Ashley Kendall and Asa
  •  Rally-O Novice – Barbara Pownall

The final day of training for 2013 was, as promised, a great deal of fun for all concerned, particularly the dogs. Basic obedience skills – both human and canine – were tested in the ‘Simon Says’ game while those with confused but happy-to-go-with-the-flow dogs were alternately running around and sitting in the ‘Musical chairs’ game. The classical but ever-enjoyable ‘Fastest tunnel’ and ‘Fastest recall’ also attracted a great deal of participants. Well done to all winners of the various games. This was very successful end to the year due to the efforts of Jo Mee, Dennis Gladman, Ashley Kendall and Mary Giertello who organised the games and set up the grounds with the assistance of some of our members.

A few days after Christmas the Branch held its last Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at its new store. This proved to significantly more successful than those held at the former Bunnings store and we were able to raise over $1,300. Unfortunately, we only had a small number of members volunteering their time, leaving the few who did run off their feet with queues of sizzler lovers being quickly and efficiently served and three trips required to replenish sausage, onion, and drinks supplies. What a fantastic effort on the part of those who spent many hours helping out!

Congratulations to all those who received pass ups this month:

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Jacqui Hasler with Kato

Class 2 to Class 3

  • David Organ with Jess
  • Felicity Robertson with Blade
  • Carmen Sahajdak with Roarke
  • Mark Stevenson with Chilli
  • Tiani Tomasovic with Bolt
  • Rod Trower with Max

We were distressed to learn that we have lost another canine member from our small community. Daniel Varasso and his family are mourning the sudden loss of their beloved five-year-old Apollo, who recently died from bloat. We certainly feel for you all and wish you all the strength needed during this very sad time.


Our condolences go out to Maureen Williams whose much-loved GSD, Fe (Tradavkar Xquisite, 2003–2013) recently passed away. She was a gentle, loving soul who will be deeply missed by Maureen as well as her devoted companion, Mac, and the equally devoted cat Buffy. Our thoughts go out to you all.

A number of our members made the long trip across to Eastern Branch for the annual GSDCV Fun Day on 10 November. Although small in number, they certainly did a great job of representing the Geelong Branch with the following achievements:


  • Shea Hampson with Sadie (Class 2: not placed but a praiseworthy effort)
  • David Organ with Jess (Class 2A: 1st place)
  • Lorelle Organ with Shakira (Class 2B: 3rd place)
  • Mark Stevenson with Chilli (Class 2C: 3rd place)


  • Lorelle Organ with Kaiser (Puppy: 2nd place)

We also acknowledge the contributions made by our instructors Jo Mee, Dennis Gladman and Ashley Kendall as well as aspirer, Sherry Hanley, who gave up their time to assist as judges and steward on the day while. The informality of the occasion allows all judges to offer advice to trial participants and Jo, Dennis, and Ashley have generously shared their knowledge and experiences with other Branch members.

Congratulations to Carmen Sahajdak and Roarke who have achieved a pass up from Class 1 to Class 2. Your hard work and persistence can be seen in class and are deserving of this advancement.

Congratulations also to David and Lorelle Organ with Shakira and their newest pup, Kaiser, who have had success at the Bendigo Kennel Club. This was Kaiser’s first show and he won Best Puppy in Group while, Shakira, who is now a veteran of the dog shows, won two Best of Breeds. As a result, she has gained her Championship Title—well done to you all!


A very warm welcome to new members Michelle Cabel with Hunter, Stefan Ducardus and Shea Elliott with Leni, Romann and Teresa Kudinoff with Greta, Lauren McGrath with Xena, Shivani and Avik Roy with Leo, and Corey Smith with Tala. We do hope that you will enjoy the lessons to come as much as Greta and Stefan undoubtedly will. Feel free to ask your instructors for assistance and advice with your dogs as well as fellow members, all of whom will share your joys and frustrations with the independent GSD.

As an expression of our appreciation at the generous support shown by several local businesses over the past year, the Branch committee decided at its last meeting to present them, and future supporters, with certificates of appreciation. We would again like to thank Cozy Corner Café, Faull’s Shoes, Just Onions, Little River Milk Bar, Miss M and Three Oh Two Willows who have donated goods to various raffles and sausage sizzles that have assisted enormously in our fundraising efforts.


The canine first aid workshop was held and we were pleased with the strong attendance of members some of whom brought their dogs. North Geelong Veterinarian Clinic’s, Dr Sally Upham, provided clear and simple instructions on various issues from regular at-home examinations of our dogs to how we should respond to more serious incidents such as car accidents. It was a most successful and informative workshop and we would not only like to thank Dr Sally but also the following who helped organise the event, set up the space and open the canteen: Barb Pownall, Felicity Robertson, Dennis Gladman (who also provided the photos), Maureen Williams, Jo Mee, and Kylie and Kayla Abbott. Also a special thanks to Barb’s ever-so-laid-back GSD, Chase, who allowed Dr Sally to prod, poke, and take his temperature with only the occasional raised eyebrow or bemused look. Congratulations also to Rod Trower who answered all the questions on the post- workshop quiz correctly and won a first aid starter kit.

A sincere thank you to Kylie and Kayla Abbott who have been doing a great job stepping in at the canteen during David and Lorraine’s absences. We certainly appreciate your efforts and generosity of time and keeping us fed after a hard hour’s training.


A warm welcome to new member, Sue McGrath with Mia. We hope that you will enjoy the company of dogs and members alike and that you will find the classes helpful and, most of all, enjoyable.

Congratulations to those who have recently been passed up:

Puppy to Class 1

  • Marty McDonald with Diva
  • Will Urquhart with Nala

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Sam Attwood with Reapah
  • Rod Phillips with Sasha

Congratulations also to Lorelle and David Organ with Shakira who has managed to impress judges at recent All Breeds shows this month:  Ladies Kennel Association All Breeds shows: Shakira received awards in the following class groups:

  • Ladies Kennel Association – Best of Breed and Best in group
  • Ladies Kennel Association – Best of Breed
  • Lillydale Kennel Club Championship, German Shepherd Dog Long Stock Coat
  • KCC Park Show Committee, German Shepherd Dog Long Stock Coat Best Bitch and Best of Breed
  • Hamilton Kennel Club Annual Championship – Best in Breed
  • Belgrave & District Kennel Club Championship – Best in Breed

With great regret, the committee accepted the resignation of Robyn Trower from her position as Social Secretary due to ill health. Robyn has worked tirelessly for us since joining the committee in 2012 and has organised Bunnings sausage sizzles, a day out at Kepala Pet Resort, and several very successful raffles. We would like to thank Robyn for her contributions and wish her well on her road to recovery.Felicity Robertson has kindly agreed to take on the role for the remainder of the year.

With the Christmas break on the horizon, the end of the 2013 training season was scheduled:

  • Saturday 14 December:- Presentation and dinner
  • Sunday 15 December:-  Final training day (games day)

The committee was deeply appreciative of the generosity of members who donated to the cause of the abandoned dog, River (found trapped and starving in a Corio shed), who has been recovering from his ordeal at GAWS. Members raised $101 and the committee voted to add to this and make a donation of $200 from the Geelong Branch to GAWS. Thank you to all those who opened their hearts to River who has begun to blossom under the care of GAWS and proven to be a happy, gentle dog.


We would like to welcome new members, Sean Anderson with Rocky, Tanya and David Doak with Mojo, Omid Nassri-Nassrabadi with Bravo, and Elaine and Alex Robb with Buckley. We hope you will enjoy your training with our instructors and the sharing of experiences with other members as you and your dog go through all the phases of their lives.

Thanks to Sherry and Simon Hanley, who have been providing fruit and vegetables for sale through the Little River Milkbar, with the money donated to our Branch, another $130 has been raised this month. This partnership has proven to be a great fundraiser and we are greatly appreciative of Sherry and Simon’s continued efforts and generosity.


We warmly welcome new member, Taylah Rollo with Buckley to our Sunday training sessions. We trust that you will enjoy the company of fellow German Shepherd Dog lovers and find the lessons useful as well as enjoyable.

Members will have noticed that the concrete floor of our clubrooms is now a pleasant shade of green. This is thanks to Ashley Kendall who donated the paint and his time to paint the floor, with assistance from Maureen Williams. This effort at some beautification is greatly appreciated

Thank you to Ashley for donating the lovely hot pies that our canteen officers, David and Lorelle Organ are now able to offer in addition to the warming egg and bacon sandwiches, and hot chips. Don’t forget to put your order in before training begins so that David and Lorelle can get things heated up for you in short time.

In an effort to raise more funds for the Branch, Ashley Kendall organised a sidewalk sausage sizzle near his place of business, Cozy Corner Cafe in Geelong West, While only a modest amount was raised, our presence and that of Ashley’s GSD, ASA, attracted attention from passersby. We may not have filled the coffers, but we were able to promote the breed in a beneficial manner. Thank you to Ashley, Veronica Kendall, Maureen Williams (and her barbecue), Jo Mee, and myself while Barb Allen dropped by to show her support.

At this month’s committee meeting the need for certain additional pieces of equipment was raised and the decision was made to purchase a new chest freezer to replace the old broken-down one, a deep fryer for the canteen, and traffic cones to assist with the rally-o activities that we would like to pursue. There are a few additional items that we would like to add:

  • A barbecue that we can use at the club as well as transport to other sites
  • A Lifter to remove the pickets, especially during the summer months.
  • A sturdy but light gazebo for use at various outdoor events, especially regular demonstrations such as those performed at the annual RSPCA walks

While we plan to save towards purchasing the above, we would love to hear from anyone who can donate good quality If you are able and would like to assist us in any way, we would love to hear from you.


We have a new instructor! Congratulations to Ashley Kendall who has passed both his theory and his practical examinations with flying colours. With our Branch showing a steady increase in members, most of whom are ready to brave any kind of weather, the need for more instructors is great. Well done Ashley!

The Branch held demonstrations at the 2013 RSPCA Million Paws Walk on Sunday 19 May and, with a more central location for our ring, there were many who were attracted to the sight of a row of big, strong dogs moving in well choreographed routines. Congratulations to all those who participated and many thanks to members who came to support our Branch as well as participate in the Walk. Well done to all and to Jo Mee, who led the groups around the ring.

The Mother’s Day raffle was a success with $113.00 raised. We would like to thank the local businesses and individuals whose generosity provided members with a great group of prizes:

  • Cozy Corner Café
  • Faull’s Shoes
  • Miss M
  • Three Oh Two Willows
  • Ashley Kendall
  • Carmen Sahajdak

Thank you also for the efforts of Fundraising Officer, Felicity Robertson, who organised the raffle and the prizes and helped make the raffle a success.

A warm welcome to the following new members :

  • Matthew Heddle with Bella
  • Kylie and Martin McDonald with Diva
  • Corey Meeke with Narla
  • Chelsea Randalls with Ollie

We hope you will gain much pleasure and benefit from the support of our instructors and fellow members.

Congratulations to the following members and their dogs who have received the following pass-ups:

Puppy to Class 1

  • Ron Elliot with Phoebe
  • Jacqui Hasler with Kato
  • Brij and Chris Lourey with Max
  • Tomek Murzeiewski with Marley

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Kylie Abbott with Elly
  • Sherry Hanley with Sultan
  • Lorelle Organ with Shakira
  • Felicity Robertson with Blade


Congratulations to Barb Pownall and Chase who successfully passed three Rally-O Obedience trials at the Geelong Obedience Dog Club on Saturday, 13 April. Not only did they pass, but their highest score was 91/100. This is a great result so well done to you both!

A number of our members with their puppies and dogs represented our Branch at the 2013 Wyndham’s Pet Expo in Werribee on Sunday 28 April. With Chief Instructor Jo Mee leading the demonstrations and Karen Gissing providing commentary, the day was a great success with many visitors attracted to the sight of our magnificent dogs. Well done to all participants!

  • Puppies: Ron Elliott with Phoebe; Chris Lourey with Max; and Tomek Murzeiewski with Marly
  • Older dogs: Sherry Hanley with Gammon; Sue Hounslow with Shilo (assisting from Western Branch); Ashley Kendall with Asa; David Organ with Jess; Barb Pownall with Chase; Mark Stevenson with Chilli

Congratulations to the following members whose effort have earned them pass-ups from Class 1 to Class 2:

  • Emma Whorlow with Astro
  • Lee Taylor with Samson

The Easter raffle was a great success with an impressive $237 raised. Thank you to Robyn Trower and Felicity Robertson for organising the raffle and to all the members who generously donated prizes to the raffle and bought tickets.


We warmly welcome Shayne Bandell with Diesel, Jordan Berry with Bodhi, Ron and Judith Elliott with Phoebe, Katherine and Angelo Traficante with Ryback and Michael van Gerven with Zoe to the Branch. We hope that you will both enjoy the companionship of fellow handlers and their dogs as well as the training and tips that our experienced instructors can provide.

Congratulations to the following members and their dogs who have recently received well-deserved pass-ups:

  • Puppy to Class 1 – Sam Attwood and Reapah
  • Class 1 to Class 2 – Lorelle Organ and Shakira

We will be holding a special FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE for Geelong Branch’s members at the clubgrounds after training on Sunday 7 April. Members are invited to stay back for the free snags and pay only for drinks and other canteen items. This is a great opportunity to not only have an early lunch but also to chat with fellow members in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations to Ashley Kendall and Asa who have passed their first CCD trial last Saturday. An excellent effort that shows that persistence is rewarded. Well done Ashley and Asa!

Last year’s popular Sunday mini market, created by Sherry and Simon Hanley’s donation of fruit and vegetables, has been relocated to the Little River milkbar. Proceeds from the sale of Sherry and Simon’s fruit and vegetables sold through the milkbar are forwarded to the Branch. The most recent amount received was a very healthy $145. We would like to thank them for their continued generosity as well as that of Karen at the milkbar who kindly agreed to sell the produce for our benefit.

The Bunnings sausage sizzle was held last Saturday at the old store in Corio and we were told that, as the number of patrons of that store were diminishing, we should expect lower takings than normal. However, we were still able to raise over $460. We would like to thank our Social Secretary, Robyn Trower, for organising the event as well as those who also assisted at the stall: Dennis, Ash, Jo, Gra, Barb A, Felicity, Mark, Mary, Eve, Cheryl, Jacqui and Paul.


After two months of Christmas hiatus, the Geelong Branch is once again beginning its Sunday morning training sessions.

We would like to thank Jo Mee who has been coming to the clubgrounds on Fridays throughout January to provide informal training and socialisation sessions to those who wished to continue working with their dogs through the break.

We warmly welcome the following new members who have joined over the break and throughout February:

  • Heather Barling with Fozzi
  • Jacqui Hasler with Kato
  • Kerryn Hobble and Aaron Hussein with Phoenix
  • Chris Lourey and Brijlata Carroll with Tarneit
  • Tomek Mierzejewski with Marley
  • Rod Phillips with Sasha
  • William Urquhart and Brigitte Lyons with Nala

We hope that you will enjoy the training sessions and our small community where everyone is always willing to offer advice or sympathy or congratulations, depending on your much loved but often frustrating four-legged friend’s behaviour. We’ve all sighed and laughed at the antics of these very intelligent dogs and no doubt you will too!

The 2013 Annual General Meeting

The 2013 AGM was held after training on Sunday 17 February and a new committee was formed, with many committee members returning for another year.

We are sad that Cheryl Stephens has stepped down from her position as Equipment Officer but sincerely thank her for the effort she has put into the position and trust that we will continue to see her on the grounds.

We are pleased to welcome new committee members Sherry Hanley who is our new Equipment Officer; Felicity Robertson, who has become the Branch’s very first Fundraising Officer; and Barbara Allen, who has joined as a General committee member. We would also like to acknowledge the additional role adopted by one of our Canteen Officers, David Organ, who has become the Assistant Grounds Manager, a position that has been vacant for some time.

Branch Manager Dennis Gladman
Secretary Maureen Williams
Treasurer Colin Gissing
Chief Instructor Jo Mee
Grounds Manager Ashley Kendall
Assistant Grounds Manager David Organ
Membership Officer Maureen Williams
Equipment Officer Sherry Hanley
Publicity Officer Veronica Filmer
Social Secretary Robyn Trower
Fundraising Officer Felicity Robertson
Canteen Officers David and Lorelle Organ
Web Master Veronica Filmer
General Committee Barbara Allen
Karen Gissing
Deborah Koch
Barbara Pownall
Rod Trower