News from 2015


Killara Toltar 2003–2015

We were saddened to learn that one of our members, Kath Devlin, recently lost her much-loved GSD, Harley (Killara Toltar). As a tribute to her long-time companion, Kath writes:

After loving Harley for over 12 years, we had to say goodbye to him on New Year’s Eve. He was obedience trained and did tracking. He was a beautiful, loving member of the family who is sadly missed. Goodbye, my beautiful boy.

Although we did not meet Harley at the Branch, we send our deepest sympathy to Kath and to Harley’s canine mate, Jack, as well as to all those who knew and loved Harley.

Our final training day proved very enjoyable and successful, with a barbecue, games, and the presentation of the following awards:

Janet Henley and Dogs Memorial Award Ray French
Most Improved Dog Kelly Webb with Captain
Most Improved Bitch Helen Preston with Evie
Highest Score in Trial Geof Bagley with Otto
Most Consistent Deb Brooks with Skye
Child Handler James Wilson with Kemba
In Appreciation Desma Dickeson
Obedience titles
Community Companion Dog (CCD) Geof Bagley with Otto
Companion Dog (CD) Geof Bagley with Otto
Endurance Trial (ET) Veronica Filmer with Sadie

Puppies and dogs also achieved success in the games played, which included the classic Fastest recall and Fastest tunnels with the last two events divided, for the first time, into classes. This made it even more entertaining for the participants, with the winners being:

Fastest recall Fastest tunnels
Puppy Ash Syrigos’ Khyla Puppy Kaye Melilli’s Scarlett
Class1 Sophie Mitchell’s Charlie Class 1 Sophie Mitchell’s Charlie
Class 2 Mary Boyd’s Cooper Class 2 David Lindgren’s Ben
Class 3+ Ange Byrne’s Koby Class 3+ Mark Stevenson’s Chilli

A huge vote of thanks to the instructors, the judges of the events, and to all those who contributed to the setup and to the pack up of the equipment for the morning. Similarly, we greatly appreciate those who looked after the hospitality side of the day, including those who brought food for all to share. The combined efforts of everyone made this an extremely successful end to the year.

We were delighted to be able to squeeze in another sausage sizzle in December at Bunnings that raised well over $1100 for the Branch. We are extremely grateful to those who gave up their time to volunteer at the stand, particularly those who struggled with low numbers to serve the long line of people keen to have a snag for lunch. It was a great effort and we hope that we will have an opportunity for another sausage sizzle and see more of our members putting up their hands to assist us.


We would like to congratulate Kath Devlin and Jake who successfully passed trial 5 in tracking, bringing them closer to adding a TDX title to their TD. We wish you all the best in your next attempts.

We have been extremely fortunate over the last few weeks to have received the assistance of visiting instructors who have come to help our own instructors on the field in offering advice to our members. We were extremely grateful that Western Branch instructor, Sue Hounslow, very kindly travelled to Geelong at short notice to help us out when due to unexpected absences and illness, we were left with one instructor. Thank you also to GSDCV Assistant Training Manager and Skye Branch’s Chief Instructor, Les Rudling and his family who came to observe our classes and provide some extra tips for those who were interested in trialling. We had a great attendance on that Sunday and our members were thrilled with the counsel that was given. The following week we welcomed the visit of GSDCV Training Manager and Ballarat Branch’s Chief Instructor Marilyn Wrigley who dropped by the following week to provide valuable assistance to our members. Her experience, like that of Les and Sue, were hugely appreciated by members and instructors alike.

A warm welcome to new member Luke Harper and Mac. We hope you have both been enjoying your classes.

Congratulations to Helen Preston with Evie and Kelly Webb with Captain, both of whom have been passed up from Class 2 to Class 3. Well done on the hard work that you have put in with your dogs and we hope you continue to benefit from our classes.


It was with great regret that we received Ashley Kendall’s resignation as Branch Manager to the pressures of work commitments. We would like to thank him for his valuable contribution as Branch Manager and are delighted that, although he has stepped down from this role, he will continue as an Instructor to assist our members in training their dogs.


A great day was had by all those who participated in demonstrations held at this year’s Wyndham’s Pet & Animal Expo Demo held at the Werribee Civic Centre. It was a perfect spring day – sunny but cool – and our dogs enjoyed the day both in the ring and out in the public. This year we had a number of our class one older puppies providing basic obedience and formation exercises as well as our older dogs who moved seamlessly through a variety of formations. Following the demonstrations held both in the morning and the afternoon, was the scheduled, aptly named “Puppy havoc” session, with the morning seeing the young dogs racing around the enclosure and through the tunnels and the older dogs taking full advantage of the opportunity to do the same in the afternoon. We are extremely grateful to Sue Hounslow who very generously stepped in to MC the demonstrations and to describe not only what was taking place on the grounds but also provide some useful tips to the crowds who thoroughly enjoyed the events. Thanks also go to our demonstration leader, Ashley Kendall, who led us through the rehearsals and during the demonstrations themselves. We are also greatly appreciative of the efforts made by Wyndham’s Event Co-ordinator, Kylie O’Malley and her team who ensured everything went smoothly for all participants and the public but who, most importantly, provided us with an opportunity to show who calm and friendly our dogs can be. All dogs received many hugs and pats and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Huge congratulations to Geof Bagley and Otto, who have added a CCD title to their CD. They are certainly a high-achieving pair and a great inspiration to us all!

Well done also to those who have received pass ups from Class 1 to Class 2 including:

  • Jill Hansen with Bella
  • David Lindgren with Ben
  • Sam MItchell with Rocco


A great day was had by all those who attended the Andrew Saliba Workshop and Family Fun Day at the Branch on Sunday 9 August. After watching and providing a few pointers on our normal training routine, Andrew and his GSD Mac provided a demonstration that gave us a glimpse into the sort of thing our dogs could do with patience and persistence, including both obedience exercises and scent distinction. Andrew then took a number of our members through their paces, again providing some more advice on how to achieve desired outcomes. Once this was done, we were able to stand around a warming bonfire, which had been burning in a most spectacular fashion in the background before providing a comfortable warmth around which we could gather on what was a cold day. Many thanks to Andrew and Mac and another Western Branch instructor for making the effort to come to the Branch and to our own Jo Mee for making it possible as well as to Michelle Cabel who suggested then organised all the permissions for the bonfire. It was a great day and we would love to see it happening on a regular basis.

We are delighted to welcome the following new members to the Branch:

  • Mandy Nix with Cully
  • Shannan Mitchell with Sam
  • Melissa Srbinovski and Joel Srbinovski

While these new members are just beginning their journey into the land of training and discipline, others are moving forward, receiving pass ups to new classes and new challenges:

Puppy Class to Class 1

  • Mary Boyd with Cooper
  • Melissa Kelly with Arlo

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Ray French with Leo
  • Helen Preston with Evie
  • Kelly Webb with Captain

After recently gaining their Tracking Dog 4 title, we are delighted that Kath Devlin and Jake have successfully attained the Tracking Dog 5 title. This is an excellent achievement and the result of persistent training so huge congratulations to you both!


Depending on the city in which you live, if you are able to show proof of one of a number of other conditions, you may receive a discount on your pet registration. With your dogs, this includes being sterilised or being a member of an approved club or association. Unfortunately, as was recently discovered by one of our members, the GSDCV is not one of those clubs. While the GSDCV is looking into the matter, it is Dogs Victoria that attracts the discount. If you are thinking of trialling or showing, you will need to be a member of Dogs Victoria, but otherwise, the cost of membership may be more than the discount received. It is still worth checking out their website to see what activities are available for your dogs.

A warm welcome to the following new members:

  • Natalie Brooks with Elsa
  • Brendan Foran with Heide
  • Melissa Kelly with Arlo
  • Samantha Mitchell with Rocco
  • Sophie Mitchell with Charlie
  • Kelly North and Brody Webb with Captain

We hope that you will benefit from the company of other GSD members and their experiences.

Well done to those who have received pass ups:

Puppy Class to Class 1

  • Bob Atkins with Edge
  • Alexander Good with Scout
  • Helen Preston with Evie

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Deb Brooks with Skye

As your challenges increase, remember to keep your patience and your sense of humour, both of which your growing dog will test!


Congratulations to Veronica Filmer and Sadie who, with the invaluable assistance of Dennis Gladman, gained their ET (Endurance Test) title. With Dennis training and then handling Sadie on the bike to cover the staged 20 km marathon, both passed with flying colours.

 A huge congratulations to Will and Brigitte who welcomed a little baby boy into their home, little Theodore. No doubt the family’s GSD, Narla, will enjoy having a future new playmate.

Well done to Jill Hansen and Bella who received their pass up from Puppy class to Class 1 and David Butler with Jenna who were passed up from Class 1 to Class 2. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Geof Bagley and Otto who entered four obedience trials over one weekend and were successful in all, with Otto gaining his CCD after high passes in all trials (requiring three passes to obtain a CCD). This is an excellent result and a testament to the time and effort put into training. Well done to you both!

We were sorry to learn that Karin and Golin Gissing’s Zeta, who only four months ago celebrated her 13th birthday, passed away early this month. Zeta spent many years on the clubgrounds, training on Sundays and, during later years, accompanying Karin and Colin to committee meetings where she would greet old and new friends alike and enjoy relaxing in the familiarity of the clubrooms. When Karin and Colin retired from the committee, Zeta continued to live a quiet life at home as a much cherished member of the family. We send our heartfelt condolences to the Gissing family for their profound loss.

The last few months has seen a several new members join our branch and we would like to welcome the following:

  • Robert Atkins with Edge
  • Trish and Kit Boyd with Lola
  • William and Mary Boyd with Cooper
  • Joan and Ray French with Leo
  • Alexander Good with Scout
  • Jill and Warwick Hansen with Bella
  • David Lindgren with Ben
  • Alicia and Danny Maroulis with Jasper
  • Helen Preston with Evie
  • Scott and Alicia Wakeman with Duke
  • Ronan Will and Zoyka Will with Zeke
  • Michael Wright with Archie


The annual GSDCV Funday was hosted at Western Branch (Keilor) and was well attended in spite of the early signs of winter’s approach. Eight of our members respresented the Geelong Branch, with several proving successful in the ring. Huge congratulations to the following who were placed in the competitions:

CD Ashley Kendal with Asa, 3rd place
CCD Geof Bagley with Otto, 3rd place
Class 3B Abbey Cabel with Hunter, 2nd place
Class 1 Maureen Williams with Jac, 1st place (with perfect scores!)
Child handler Abbey Cabel with Hunter, 1st place

Although unplaced, the following also performed respectably:

  • Ange Byrne with Koby
  • Veronica Filmer with Sadie
  • Jason Pickles with Cia
  • Mark Stevenson with Chilli

Well done to all and also to Jo Mee who was asked to judge the puppies.


At the GSDCV Annual General Meeting a number of our Branch members received awards:

For their contribution as committee members:

  • Dennis Gladman – 5 year committee
    Maureen Williams – 5 year committee

For their contribution as instructors:

  • Jo Mee – 15 years instructor
  • Dennis Gladman – 5 years instructor

For achieving the grand age of 13 years and thereby entering The 13 Club

  • Karin and Colin Gissing’s Zeta (Camnusch Oxi Essence)

For trial event achievements:

  • Kath Devlin with Killara Hot Summer – Tracking Dog (TD)
  • David and Lorelle Organ with Kaiser (Jayshell Glasgow ) – Australian Champion (conformation)
  • Carmen Sahajdak with Roarke (trained and handled by Dennis Gladman) – Endurance Test (ET)

Congratulation to you all!

A warm welcome to the following new members:

  • Jill and Warwick Hansen with Bella
  • Alicia and Danny Maroulis with Jasper
  • Ronin Will and Zoyka Will with Ezekial
  • Amanda Wilson with Texas and Dallas

We were again invited to provide a demonstration of our dogs at the annual Wallington Strawberry Fair. With instructor Ashley Kendall directing as well as participating in, and Veronica Filmer describing the various obedience movements, the puppies and dogs provided the small crowd that surrounded the ring with much interest, amusement and awe as we showed both the cute and the disciplined sides of the GSD. Last year, there was a local speaker system that only those near the ring could hear. This year, we had access to the surround system so that the visitors to the Fair could not help but be aware that we were ‘doing our thing.’ As a result both morning and afternoon demonstrations were well attended and were very responsive to our activities. Well done to Ashley who ably led the demonstration and to the participants:


  • Sam Cook with Lady
  • Danny Maroulis with Jasper
  • Paul Spry with Nahla
  • Alicia Wakeman with Duke


  • Abbey Cabel with Hunter
  • Ash Kendall with Asa
  • Jason Pickles with Sia
  • Mark Stevenson with Chilli

The Geelong Branch was again ably represented by Branch manager, Ashley Kendall with Asa at the GSDCV contingent of demonstration dogs at this year’s Moomba Parade in Melbourne. The dogs lead the Parade and showed the crowds that lined the street what wonderful dogs our German Shepherd Dogs can be. Well done Ashley and Asa!


Formal classes recommenced on Sunday, 1 February, although casual classes continued on Fridays and Sundays, thanks to Chief Instructor Jo Mee, who kindly attended these days. The new year of  training, however, saw many familiar faces and we are pleased that so many have rejoined the Branch.

Our modest group of instructors was augmented by aspirer, Sherry Hanley, having successfully completed her two year training program – huge congratulations! and the return after several years of absence of Kellie Spark. Kellie fitted right back in and we can now boast a complement of four. More trainers are, however, required, so we hope that others will follow Sherry’s example and consider undertaking a training course.


Entering into a new year, we have a number of new members including Kelly Spark, who has returned after some years absence and is reprising her role as instructor. We also welcome:

  • Paul Spry with Nahla
  • Gretchen Wion with Bonny

The GSDCV committee has updated the Club logo and, while existing logos on Club clothing may still be worn, new clothing will have this new logo. Our Equipment Officer, Michelle Cabel, has organised an account with Black Dog Wear, which will allow us to order items at discount prices. Michelle will place orders twice a year, so check out the Black Dog Wear website here or look through the catalogue of available items that will be made available in the Branch shop.

We have introduced ‘In training: Give me space’ vests for nervous or reactive dogs whose is anxiety reinforced by people or dogs moving into their comfort zone. This can sometimes result in aggressive warning behaviour or responses and, in order to avoid this, the vest will warn instructors and other dog handlers to respect the dog’s need for a gentle approach.

A Bunnings Sausage Sizzle was held at the North Geelong Bunnings during the holiday break. With the holiday spirit and lovely weather, we were able to raise over $1200 for the Branch. In addition to cooking, handing out the snags and taking money, a number of trips were made to supermarkets to replenish supplies of bread, sausages and napkins on a very busy day. We are most grateful to those who stayed three to six hours, including Geof Bagley, Ange Byrne, Michelle and Abbey Cabel, Veronica Filmer, Ashley Kendall, David McIvor, Jo and Graham Mee, Jason Pickles, Mark Stevenson, and Maureen Williams.