News from 2016


A warm welcome to new members Tara Collins with Bella, Robert Matthews with George, and Cameron Skurrie with Max.

Congratulations to Bernie Richert and Lola who have been passed up from Puppy to Class 1. Now you can put all that you have learned into practice and challenge yourselves as a team to move forward onto the next level.

Our Branch held its annual Bunnings Sausage Sizzle late September on a pleasant spring day that saw many heading off to the store. As a result, we raised a record $1600 that will go a long way to assisting with our fundraising efforts. A huge thank you to the members who gave up their time to attend including Deb Brookes, Michelle and Abby Cabel, Dennis Gladman, Jo Mee, Jason Pickles, Bernie Richert, and Mark Stevenson. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to one of our members, Lee Taylor, who has lost her much-loved big, handsome GSD, Samson, shortly after losing his best mate (Labrador) Apollo. Saying goodbye to one companion is difficult, to say goodbye to two is particularly distressing. See the Members/Tribute page to read the moving words that Lee found to say goodbye to her ‘boys’.


A warm welcome to the following new members:

  • Matias and Sila Cerna with Lobo
  • Kenny Gliddon with Jac
  • Mark Kelly with Zyra
  • Trevor Moloney with Irish
  • Lisa French and Matt Robbins with Kobe
  • Stanley family with Thor
  • Adam and Andrea Taylor with Lilly

We said farewell to Ashley Kendall and his faithful companion Asa last month following his resignation as Chief Instructor. Ash has been an invaluable asset to the Branch in his various roles as Groundsman and Branch Manager as well as Chief Instructor. In addition to leading our demonstration team over recent years, he and Asa have also represented the Club and our Branch at the Moomba Festival parade together with GSDCV members from other branches. He will be greatly missed, but we wish him and Asa all the best.

Our Branch held a sausage sizzle at Coles Lara at the end of August on a cold and very windy day—it was so cold that the ice blocks in the esky froze together to make one large solid lump! Unfortunately, the sizzle was not as fruitful as we hoped it would be, raising just over $100 toward our funds: but every bit helps. A huge thanks to the members who gave up their time to attend, including Kirsty Bekker, Ange Byrne, Michelle and Abby Cabel, Veronica Filmer, Warwick and Jill Hansen, Jo Mee, Bernie Richert, Kellie Sparks, Mark Stevenson, and Maureen Williams.

This year’s Wyndham Pet and Animal Expo was enjoyed on a rare ‘warm’ and sunny day earlier this month and our dogs and puppies again represented our Branch to the delight of the many visitors to the Expo. We are most grateful to Obedience Training Administrator, Marilyn Wrigley, and Western Branch’s Assistant Chief Instructor, Sue Hounslow, for their wonderful support in making it possible for us to attend in the absence of an available instructor. Indeed, Sue brought her GSD Shiloh along and joined us in the demonstration with very short notice and on-the-day rehearsals. We also sincerely thank and congratulate the other members of the event’s demonstration team, Ange with Koby, Abby with Hunter, Mark with Chilli, and Michelle as ‘stand-for examination’ examiner, all of whom, without having had the opportunity for prior rehearsals, not only remembered the routine established last year, but expanded on it during their on-the-ground practice. An admirable achievement! Sincere thanks also to Trevor with Irish and Krishnan and Evelyn with Kaiser who also participated in the more casual demonstration with some basic obedience and a lot of play, entertaining the crowd that had gathered. Their puppies were a great favourite of the crowd and loved the attention they received, as did our older dogs. All our GSDs were excellent ambassadors for the breed and, with their handlers, were great representatives of our Branch. We are enormously appreciative of their time and effort.

Geelong Branch is finally on Facebook and we will endeavour to regularly contribute updates on our activities and include items that might be of interest to our members. It can be found at


A warm welcome to new members Kelly Brown and Akela, Cassandra Fleming with Bruce, and Krishnan Pasupathi and Evelyn Vettivelu with Kaiser.

Congratulations to those who received pass ups:

Puppy to Class 1

  • Michelle Depasquale with Mya
  • Joe Srbinovski with Sarge

Class 1-2

  • Margaret Burns with Raj
  • Rod and Sharon Wallace with Zeus

Class 2-3

  • Deb Brookes with Skye
  • Jill Hansen with Bella
  • David Lindgren with Ben
  • Shannon Mitchell with Sam

With the cold weather providing the perfect backdrop for a family day, we took advantage of enjoying a warm and convivial bonfire – organised by Mark and Michelle – after training as well as some comfort food in the form of a sausage sizzle.


A warm welcome to new members to Daryl and Sharon Murrell with Jet, Judd Pilgrim with Luna, and Bernadette Richert with Lola.

Congratulations to those who received pass ups:

  • Paul Rumkorf with Remy from Puppy class to Class 1
  • Jayden Little with Tychus from Class 1 to 2
  • Kaye and Tony Melilli with Scarlett from Class 1 to 2
  • Veronica Filmer with Sadie from Class 3 to 4

We were delighted to welcome visiting instructors to the Branch who were able to provide additional tips to our Class 3 and 4 members. Thank you to Les Rudling (Northern Branch) and Dom Cafari (Western Branch) for taking the time out to visit us.

We are pleased to have one of our members, Veronica Filmer, entering the GSDCV Obedience Instructor’s course to become a qualified instructor for the Branch. We hope that more will be inspired to take on the role of teaching our members to work effectively with their dogs and help develop them into great canine citizens.


The 2016 RSPCA Million Paw Walk was held on Sunday 15 May at Eastern Park and the Geelong Branch held three demonstrations during the course of the morning. Although the new location was away from the main activities and the revised times of the demonstrations was either well before, well after, or at the start of the actual walk – resulting in significantly fewer spectators than previous years, the team worked well together for those who did find their way to the ring.Many thanks to Ash Kendall for organising the demonstrations and to those who participated: Geof Bagley with Otto, Abby Cabel with Hunter, Ash with Asa, Jason Pickles with Sia, Mark Stevenson with Chilli, and Maureen Williams with Jac who graciously stepped in at the last moment to perform seamlessly with the team. Also a huge thank you to Michelle de Pasquale with Mya and Sharon Wallace with Zeus who, also at the last moment, let their puppies loose in the ring and entertained the spectators who did come across to see us.


Easter was celebrated at the clubgrounds with an Easter egg hunt (using origami chicks as tokens) and raffle, which proved successful – especially for the winners! Dogs and handlers enjoyed games which were capped off with a barbecue. It was a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere with all valuing the change in routine.


We were thrilled to have again been invited to provide a demonstration at the Wallington Strawberry Fair and the crowd that stopped to watch the dogs and puppies go through their paces was a testament to how popular our GSDs have become. We provided four demonstrations: participants from Class 3 worked through a set of choreographed moves, a number from Class 1-2 showed basic obedience skills, some of our new members with their puppies demonstrated the encouragement of basic obedience and recall, while Geoff Bagley and Otto impressed with their off-lead skills that gained them their CD title last year. In addition to providing demonstrations in the morning and afternoon, members and their dogs wandered amongst the crowd throughout the day, providing children and adults with opportunities to pat and chat about our dogs and our club. A huge thank you to Ash Kendall for liaising with Michelle Hughes and organising the demonstrations, to Kellie Spark for providing commentary to the spectators, to Michelle Cabel for providing general assistance, and to those who, like Ash, Kelly and Michelle, gave up their time to participate:

  • Geoff Bagley with Otto
  • Ange Byrne with Koby
  • Abby Cabel with Hunter
  • Veronica Filmer with Sadie
  • David Lindgren with Ben
  • Tony Melilli with Scarlett
  • Kelly North with Captain
  • Jason Pickles with Sia
  • Helen Preston with Evie
  • Brooke Russell with Remi
  • Mark Stevenson with Chilli
  • Sharon Wallace with Zeus

We would like to welcome in the Geelong Branch committee for 2016:

Branch Manager: Veronica Filmer
Secretary: Maureen Williams
Treasurer: Michelle Cabel
Chief Instructor: Ashley Kendall
Assistant Chief Instructor: Jo Mee
Membership Officer: Maureen Williams
Publicity Officer: Veronica Filmer
Equipment Officer:  Michelle Cabel
Groundsman: Mark Stevenson
Assistant Groundsman:  Warwick Hansen
Canteen Officer: Ange Byrne
Web Master: Veronica Filmer
General committee: Jason Pickles

A sincere thank you to departing committee member, Sherry Hanley, for her great work as Treasurer for the past two years as well as for several generous contributions to our fundraising efforts.

We welcome the following new members and hope they will benefit from and enjoy the classes and the experience of the instructors:

  • Jodie Bloink with Mambo
  • Michelle DePasquale with Mya
  • Ben Hardy with Lucy
  • Jessica Hopper with Sasha
  • Chloe Loh with Loxi
  • Justin Mazaris with Ace
  • Kaye and Tony Melilli
  • Tik Chi Winnie Mo with Choco
  • Paul Rumkorf with Remy
  • Michelle and Brooke Russell with Remi
  • Shannon Stuart with Daisy
  • Sharon Wallace with Zeus

Congratulations to those who have received pass ups:

Puppy to Class 1

  • Jody Bloink and Mambo
  • Jessica Hopper and Sasha
  • Justin Mazarus

Class 1 to Class 2

  • Bob Atkins and Edge
  • Mandy Nix and Cully


Formal classes recommenced on Sunday, 7 February, although casual classes continued on Fridays and Sundays, thanks largely to Chief Instructor Jo Mee, who kindly attended these days with our other instructors. The new year of  training, however, saw many familiar faces and we are pleased that so many have rejoined the Branch.