The German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful companion dog that is loyal and very intelligent. They are independent and active dogs that are particularly responsive to training, from puppies to adult dogs. As a large, strong and clever breed, it is necessary to provide the German Shepherd Dog with at least some basic training to ensure that they become well-balanced dogs that are a joy in the family home as well as exemplary ambassadors for the breed in the wider community. It is the aim of this club to help owners train their dogs to become better canine citizens.

The Geelong Club is located at Elcho Park, Elcho Road, Lara.

Puppies and dogs of all ages are welcome.

The Club has qualified instructors who provide training, education and advice to members.

Training takes place every Sunday, unless otherwise notified, with the opportunity to socialise or ask further questions afterwards. Please arrive earlier to give your dog time to have a walk around and settle down.

What Can You Do and Learn?

Training is fun, and your dog is rewarded throughout the training session.
Rewards can be food, a favourite toy or object or verbal praise. Make sure you bring any or all of them each week.
Training your dog involves learning all of the following then you will have a well behaved dog.
• Socialising with other dogs
• Focus and Watch Me
• Sit, Drop and Stand
• Recall (come back when called!)
• Walking calmly and Heeling
• Praise and Play
• Leave
• Problem Solving
• Meet other like minded GSD owners and their dogs and puppies

 If you are interested in joining us, please contact us regarding membership at

For further information on times and protocols, check our TRAINING PAGE