Members Tributes

The Geelong Branch is a large family made up of our members and our dogs. Like any family we delight in each others strengths and tolerate our weaknesses – be it human or canine. The loss of any family member is deeply felt by us all. Here, members are invited to fondly remember and pay tribute to those who have left us.
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Schaeferhund Wylon


Heynfeld Arris
Our sincere condolences go out to long-time member and instructor, Jo Mee, who said good-bye two long-time companions within weeks of each other.
As a tribute to her two best mates, Jo writes:
Schaeferhund Wylon ET, ‘Jet’ (15.3.2005—15.8.2017)
And Heynfeld Arris CCD ET, ‘River’ (12.12.2003—14.9.2017)
Lived and played together
And now have gone to the Rainbow Bridge together.
Thank you for many happy years.
Little Arris will miss you both
Very sad, Jo


Simonelli Black as Nite
Our deepest sympathy goes out to one of our members, Lee Taylor, who lost her much-loved big, handsome GSD, Samson, shortly after losing his best canine mate, Labrador Apollo. In her own words, Lee pays tribute to her friends:
My beautiful boys, I miss you so much.
Thank you for all of your cuddles, greetings and infectious joy.
My heart is broken since you left me, as every day you are no longer there beside me, interested in whatever I might be doing, not there waiting for me to take you for a walk when I get home from work, not there when I get up, or resting on your mat (staring at me) when I’m on the couch, or making me laugh as you rip apart your new toy to get the squeaky bit out.
Thank you for being my very best friend, you have given me so many wonderful memories and you will live in my heart forever xoxo


Killara Toltar
2003 – 2015
We were saddened to learn that one of our members, Kath Devlin, recently lost her much-loved GSD, Harley. As a tribute to her long-time companion, Kath writes:
After loving Harley for over 12 years, we had to say goodbye to him on New Year’s Eve. He was obedience trained and did tracking. He was a beautiful, loving member of the family who is sadly missed. Goodbye, my beautiful boy.
Although we did not meet Harley at the Branch, we send our deepest sympathy to Kath and to Harley’s canine mate, Jake, as well as to all those who knew and loved Harley.


Camnusch Oxi Essence
2002 – 2015
It was with great sadness that we learned that, having just joined the GSDCV’sThe 13 Club, Zeta passed away at the age of 13 years and 4 months.
Zeta spent many years on the clubgrounds, training on Sundays and, during later years, accompanying Karin and Colin to committee meetings where she would greet old and new friends alike and enjoy relaxing in the familiarity of the clubrooms. When Karin and Colin retired from the committee, Zeta continued to live a quiet life at home as a much cherished member of the family. While her body began to show the signs of age, Zeta’s spirit remained strong until the very end.
Zeta’s presence will be greatly missed.


Jannire Shadowfax
2002 – 2014
I visited and watched his litter interact with each other, and a new visitor (me) at 6 and 7 weeks of age. I had a choice of three dogs, and on each visit he was the one that always followed me, even after his first vaccination when all his littermates wanted to sleep. I named him Shadow as he was always behind me. I taught him to Speak on command at 13 weeks of age, food is a very powerful motivator. We went to obedience trials and failed quite a faew times. We persisted and eventually gained two titles, Endurance test (ET) and Community Companion Dog (CCD). We also had two passes in Companion Dog (CD), but we could not get that last pass to gain that title.
In the 11 years and 7 months that I had him we went everywhere together. To me he was the world’s best dog, and I only hope that he enjoyed our time together as much as I did. His presence helped me through some rough times on a few occasions. Shadow will live forever in my heart until we meet again.
Dennis Gladman


Hilltop Elvis

2007 – 2014
It was with shock and sadness that we learned of the sudden and unexpected passing of Maureen Williams’ beloved companion, Mac. Mac was struck down by cancer of the spleen, a particularly aggressive and fast-acting form of cancer.

From an early age Mac and Maureen could be found on the clubgrounds almost every Friday and Sunday mornings and formed solid friendships amongst other regulars—both humans and dogs. In 2009 he and Dennis Gladman became great pals as they trained for and passed the Endurance Trial, with Mac trotting beside Dennis’ bike. The following year, together with Ashley Kendall and Asa, he and Maureen visited aged care facilities where they gave short demonstrations and an opportunity for dog-loving residents to pat them. Although big and strong, he was always gentle with the often frail residents, and remained still as they patted and hugged him.
Mac will be deeply missed by all who knew him.


Manprince Pure Impact “AZ”, BS Cl II
1997 – 2011
Dakota has been my beloved friend and companion for the past 14 years, 7½ months – never very far from my side and sharing my life.
He participated in G.S. Schemes and in Showing, Obedience and Agility, Gala parades, many display team outings and Pets in Therapy. These activities gave him lots of opportunities to “meet and greet” people – he had a gift for reassuring those who were nervous about GSDs. In return, he loved the pats and cuddles he received as rewards.
Dakota had a touch of larrikin and a joy of life, but was also a very gentle, dignified boy who taught me so many things in life and gave me unconditional love.
I will miss him so much.
May the winds of love blow softly
And whisper for you to hear
I will always love you dearly
And forever keep you near.
Resting with Sultan and Yuma until we meet again.
It has been a privilege to share the journey.
Sleep tight, my beautiful boy!
Desma Dickeson