Geelong Branch Rules & Etiquette

Training classes: Sunday 9.45am warm up and Meet & Greet. Classes 10:00am – 11:00 am
• Rain, hail or shine, training is always on unless the Club is closed as advised.
• There are five classes in obedience: Puppy (8 weeks to 6 months) and Classes 1-4, which will be further explained in further detail by your instructor.

• We also offer Show Class training.

New Memberships processed from 9:30am to 9:50am

What to bring

• A big handful of food treats cut in small pieces that are quickly and easily swallowed by your dog (eg sausages, liver, cheese).
• A pouch that you can put the food in and easily reach the food.
• Your dog’s favourite toy, preferably in a training bag, especially for those who are not food motivated.
• Equipment for use on dogs that is approved by the instructors and includes a lead, flat collars for puppies and flat collars or check chain for older dogs. In some instances, a head halter or harness is permitted.
• Vaccination certificates are to be brought to the first training session.
• All vaccination certificates must be sighted at least once a year. You will be advised when checks are to be made so you can bring your certificate along for our records to be updated.
• Plastic bags to clean up after your dog. A bin is available to dispose of the bag.
Leads, collars and other quality essential pet products are available at reasonable prices from the equipment store at the clubhouse.
Please consult an instructor regarding the correct fitting of a check chain.

What to wear

• Wear closed-in shoes, no thongs or sandals. Perhaps something sturdier if it’s wet and slippery.
• Avoid baggy or open zip jackets for training that can get in your dog’s face when you train.

• Ensure you wear your member name badge.

Car parking

• Parking is permitted on either side of the drive-in road behind the clubhouse.
• Shaded areas beyond the clubhouse are allocated to instructors who usually have to leave their dogs in their vehicles while they undertake their duties for the branch.
• Members who have dog trailers may also use this area.

On arrival

• Please arrive by 9:45am and ensure that you mark your name off at the attendance table pay your $3.00 training fee and obtain your training stamp that will need to be sighted by your instructor.
• The money collected contributes to the running costs of the Club.
• Children attending Club to be under full parental supervision at all times while at the Club.
• Take your dog away for a walk and sniff around the group, giving them time to settle down.  Prior to class we will all take part in a group walk around the ground to help settle them all down before class.
• All members are to wear their name tags when at training. This assists your instructors and is also a Club insurance obligation. If you need a replacement, see our Membership Officer.
• If you are currently a member of another Branch, you are required to wear your name tag and present your dog’s vaccination certificate before you can join training on the Geelong’s grounds.


• Weekly announcements are made following the short walk and provide specific Branch news of items and of interest and upcoming events.
• Pass-up, ribbons, certificates and special awards will also be presented at this time.

Introducing your dog

• Members training at the Club are responsible for their own dogs and it is paramount that they show due consideration to other members and their dogs at all times. This is particularly important with regard to puppies.
• When first meeting other dogs, please ask the owner’s permission – your dog may be friendly but the other dog may be timid or grumpy.

• Respect other members and their dogs, especially if they do not want your dog approaching theirs.

Handling your dog

• Hitting or kicking your dog will not be tolerated at any time.
• If you are having difficulty with your dog within the group, take a break and go for a short walk to calm both your dog and yourself.


• Water buckets are provided around the ground.
• If another dog is drinking, please be courteous and wait with your dog until they are finished. Not all dogs like to share.  Same rules apply when we have our swimming clam shell pools out please.

Dogs tied up

• Dogs are not to be left tied up and unattended on the grounds at any time.
• Crates are available in the clubhouse in which your dogs may be placed while you socialise with other members.
• If you need someone to hold your dog, please ask a Committee Member.
• No dogs are allowed off lead unless under the direct supervision of an instructor.

Female dog in season

• Bitches in season are NOT allowed on the ground during training. They are allowed on the ground only after training for all clasess has concluded.

Heat policy

• When the forecasted temperature for a Sunday (given on the 6.00 pm Saturday news) is for 35ºC or higher, there will be no branch training.
• However, members and their dogs may still come to the clubrooms to socialise and enjoy the benefits of the clubrooms and canteen.

Tunnels and agility equipment

• Any equipment set up on the ground is only to be used under the supervision of an instructor before, during, and after a classes. This is for your protection and is an insurance obligation.
• Members are encouraged to support our volunteer instructors and committee and help put the equipment away after announcements.

First aid

• If your require any medical assistance, please speak to your instructor or committee member who will direct you to our first aid officer for assistance.


• You should train your dog during the week to reinforce what you learn on Sundays. You will achieve better results.
• Always have fresh water available and don’t leave your dog in your car during warm or hot days.


Please feel free to raise any questions with your instructor during training. If you need to talk to someone about your dog during the week, either call your breeder or contact the Branch Manager or Chief Instructor.