Endurance Title

Congratulations to our members and their dogs who have achieved their Endurance Title. It’s a 20km bike ride or run for you and your dog (but with a little training its not as hard to achieve as you might think!)


Kellie Spark and Shadow (Zandrac Ghost Town), handler Kellie Spark


Veronica Filmer and Sadie (Macklin Mighty Azz), handler Dennis Gladman


Carmen Sahajdak and Roarke, handler Dennis Gladman


Sue Hounslow and Shiloh (Simonelli Bella Donna), handler Sue Hounslow


Margaret Martin and Teddy (Teddy Martin), handler Dennis Gladman
Barbara & Noel Pownall and Chase (Kylain Chase A Hurricane), handler Clint Pownall



Maureen Williams and Mac (Hilltop Elvis), handler Dennis Gladman
Kate Shearer & Pieter Haans and Sascha (Bonshannon Wendi), handler Kate Shearer
Heidi Foll and Rex (Britstar Jamaican Blue), handler Heidi Foll